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Smart LED fittings are designed for low occupancy areas and where there is natural daylight. They are controlled by a fully programmable, long range sensor allowing you to make further savings when the lights are not required or don’t need to be delivering their full output.

Smart fittings have our ultra efficient design delivering significant energy and maintenance cost savings, but with added savings from our combined PIR and Dimming sensor.

Carbonlights™ Smart fittings in low occupancy areas can be turned off when not required or dimmed to a minimal level. Several Carbonlights™ Smart fittings can be controlled from a single making it a particularly cost effective solution for aisle lighting.

To find out more about our smart industrial LED options download our Carbonlights Smart Fittings spec sheet.

Smart led lighting by Carbonlights

Carbonlights are approved by the Carbon trust Designed and built in Britain Carbonlights are members fo the Electrical Contractors' Association Carbonlights are members of the lighting assocation Carbonlights are ISO complient

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Our range of smart controls will ensure that you are maximising the energy savings from your facility. Daylight sensors, occupancy sensors.

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