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Panel Lighting

Industrial LED lighting panels

Alongside our core product designed to replace larger area’s lighting we have a range of office lighting available.

We aim to create an office and work environment that employees are happy with and to do so we will ensure that the light levels are right and minimise any glare effects from screens.

We are able to replace different types of office lighting from downlights to ceiling panels.

We have a wide range of products available to suit different office requirements and environments. For more information on the options or to request a site survey please contact us.

Carbonlights has a wide range of office lighting available to meet any of our customers needs, allowing us to provide a full solution to each facility.

Ceiling Panels -

Installation is easy, with the panels able to be fitted by either recessed, surface mounted or suspension.

Downlights -

Reduced power consumption whilst maintaining the same level of light, can be installed as direct replacements for current fittings.

Bulkheads -

Ideal replacement for traditional 2D fluorescent fittings, eliminates any point source glare.

To ensure that we are providing the right solution, we can offer to trial units in certain areas on a return or buy policy to make sure that your employees are happy with the light being provided.