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NMC are now happy with their lighting NMC are now happy with their lighting

NMC were looking for a solution to improve light levels and improve energy efficiency at their warehouse in Tredegar.

The solution we worked on has allowed NMC to improve lighting levels and reduce energy consumption at the same time. Using our ultra-efficient CarbonlightsTM range and smart sensor options, we were able to successfully replace existing sodium lamp fittings.

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NMC measured energy savings prior to and following installation and these show a reduction in energy use age alone by two thirds and this is without any maintenance cost savings

NMC had poor lighting levels and were looking to save energy and like many other manufacturers needed:

- Enhanced lighting levels

- Improved light quality

- Significant energy savings

- Reduced maintenance

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With energy reductions of up to two thirds and maintenance cost reductions payback was achieved in a short space of time.



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