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The carbonlights industrial range is an ideal solution for every type of facility in the UK. our bespoke and custom solution makes us ideal for any facility.

Carbonlights Unit

Delivered Lumens

Circuit Watts

Luminaire Lm/Watts

Example Replacement

LED Lifetime 100,000 hours at 25 degrees.

CM650 – 3




High Bay Lighting





250W SON High bay





70W Flourescent twin tube fittings

Electrical Specification

Supply Voltage

220/240 VAC

Supply frequency


Std Operating temperature

– 20°C to + 35°C (- 40°C to + 50°C extended)


Body Material

Aluminium (40% recycled)

Lens Material

Vivak or polycarbonate


White or anodised as standard

Standard Mounting

Wall/mast bracket

Optional mounting

Bespoke bracket

Ingress Class

Designed to meet IP65

Electrical connection

3m flying lead, M12 Gland.


Std LED colour

Cool White (neutral available)

CCT Range

5700K Cool white or 4000K Neutral white


>80 standard

FWHM Angle

180+ or 120 degrees as standard

Industrial LED Lighting

Our ‘CM’ range is our standard product offering that we designed to replace the most common fittings we see in industrial settings across the country.

The product specifications are laid out at the bottom of the page.

However, as part of our service we create a unique, bespoke solution for each one of our clients. Our lights can be configured in a variety of ways to ensure that we meet our clients specific needs, for example;

Spec Sheets:

We also have a range of office lighting available here.

Download the CM range spec sheet here.

See our comparison between T5’s and LED’s here.

Our industrial CM range is the ideal solution for a wide range of Facilities. Food and drink, cold store, engineering, manufacturing and more. Carbonlights are approved by the Carbon trust Designed and built in Britain Carbonlights are members fo the Electrical Contractors' Association Carbonlights are members of the lighting assocation Carbonlights are ISO complient

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Carbonlights Industrial LED Lighting range

the range of end plate options that we have ensures that our lights can be installed anywhere. Our direct to ceiling mount allow a close fit to the ceiling.the range of end plate options that we have ensures that our lights can be installed anywhere. Our suspended end plates allow lights to be placed at a level below the ceiling.the range of end plate options that we have ensures that our lights can be installed anywhere. Including our trunking mount which can be fitted into existing trunking paths.

End Plate Gallery

   Direct Ceiling Mount             Suspended Mount                 Trunking Mount

During our initial site survey and consultation we ask what aspects are most important to you. For example some areas of your facility may need lower levels of light than others, or they may have low occupancy during the day and don’t need to be illuminated 24/7.

To balance meeting these requirements and maximising the cost savings LED’s can provide, we use simulation software to show you light levels in the proposed areas, ensuring that you know what our industrial range will provide you before installation has even begun.

Previous customers have requested specific lux levels in certain areas and we have been able to adapt our linear design to ensure our angles produce light in the right areas. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and how to help.