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Easy ways to pay for your LED lighting like Webbs of Wychbold near Worcester.

Substantial returns on your investment.

At Carbonlights™ we recognise that LED lighting can be a significant investment. The difference is that you start to see savings straight away in lower energy bills – typically 70% to 80%.  As well as this LEDs are much lower maintenance, it is quite possible that you wont have to change another bulb or tube for 25 years!

For those organisations looking to reduce carbon emissions, switching to LED’s can cut your carbon emissions from lighting by up to 90%: carbon costs your company money.

Also the solid state technology does not contains harmful substances, no more light banks and controlled waste from fluorescent tubes. This means further savings in maintenance costs.

Funding your LED Lighting project

We appreciate that changing to energy efficient lighting requires a significant outlay, but with a payback, in most cases, of only 1-3 years the investment makes sound business sense.

So to enable you to take immediate advantage of these energy savings, we have teamed up with leading finance providers to offer you a range of ways in which you can afford to make the changes today. In the majority of cases, the capital repayments will be less than the energy costs saved, making this a cash neutral project.


Term & Payments


Finance lease. You take ownership from day 1.

Leases are over 3 years, with 3 months as a first payment and 33 further equal payments. At the end of the lease you have the option of outright purchase at a small percentage of the original capital cost.

You own asset from the outset. Monthly payments are over a fixed period, but not directly related to energy savings. Generally available to all businesses with a good credit rating.

‘Pay as you save’ Finance lease or operating lease (rental).

Term and monthly instalments are calculated so as not to be greater than the monthly energy costs saved through the installation.

This is either a lease related to the asset or a rental agreement. Cash neutral – payments no greater than savings. Funding may not extend to 100% of the capital costs. Interest rates can be attractive. Generally available to all businesses.

Energy Service Company (‘Esco’). You don’t buy lighting, you contract to buy light. Ownership is transferred at the end of a contracted period for minimal consideration.

You pay a total of 80% of your former energy bill for the supply of light. You are, therefore, guaranteed to be 20% better off in cash terms per month from month 1.

The cost of the lights will never appear on your balance sheet. The light generating equipment is owned by the Esco until final payment is made.Only likely to be available for large scale energy users operating 24/7.

Enhanced Capital Allowance

Our fittings are also eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme

If an item of energy saving equipment meets the criteria set out in the Energy Technology List, it is eligible for ‘enhanced capital allowances’ of 100% of cost (as compared to 8-10% for non qualifying lighting). This can include not only the actual costs of buying the equipment, but other direct costs such as the transport of the equipment to site, and some of the direct costs of installation.

This total cost is deducted from taxable profits and the corporation tax is levied on the net amount. Corporation tax is 20% for 2014, so in effect if the company is liable to pay corporation tax, by making the investment in qualifying equipment it is getting HMRC to contribute 20% of the cost. In most cases if taken into account this reduces payback period by 4-6 months.

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