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1. Carbonlights offers tailor-made solutions – isn’t that going to be more expensive for me?

All lighting is made up of a number of components. All we have done is not assemble those components into finished lights until we have established your requirements and that is the key to delivering tailored solutions at very competitive prices.

The modular nature of our design allows us to manufacture in a conventional way high volumes of component elements. Read more about our modular system.

2. Why would I choose a complete new fitting when I could just replace the bulb with an LED one?

There are a number of advantages from choosing a new fitting. Upgrading an existing fitting is often more expensive than you think. With fluorescent, for example, it’s not just a tube but often a ballast as well. A new fitting from us has been thoroughly tested and complies with the latest legislation, comes with a 3 year component warranty and is significantly more efficient being designed for the job and not a compromise. In addition there are significant tax benefits to be gained from installing new fittings that meet certain criteria, as all Carbonlights products do. Read more.

3. Carbonlights isn’t an international lighting company like Philips or Toshiba.

No we’re not and we believe that’s one of our strengths. We only work directly with our end user customers and do not supply through wholesalers or contractors. That’s one less profit margin to cater for but more importantly it enables us to talk to and understand our customers’ needs. We only use the best components such as Cree LEDs and source as much as possible from within the UK. We have 25 years engineering design experience and design & manufacture all our fittings here in the UK.

We have worked hard to build a customer list that includes some of the biggest names in manufacturing in the UK and that is down to service, quality and delivery.

4. You make all these amazing claims about your product but how can I be assured they will actually deliver these promises of efficiency & light output?

We appreciate as a new technology there is a lot of inconsistency out there in performance and claims made. We manufacture and thoroughly test all our fittings on site and all our designs are independently tested for performance by the Lighting Industry Association of which we are members. As part of our service, we visit your site and design a lighting scheme for you which will give you the light level you require. That is completely free of charge and without commitment. If you are still interested, we allow you trial the fittings we have designed so that you can make your own assessment of performance. If you are not happy with anything, we modify the specification until you are satisfied. Read more about our service

5. Installing new fittings is going to be expensive. It’s easier/cheaper for me to leave thing as they are.

By all means leave things as they are if you have money to waste on energy and are not concerned about carbon reduction or the welfare of your employees. Eventually all products that do not maximise energy. savings will be phased out, so you’ll have to do something eventually. Making a change now will give you immediate benefits from energy savings and most of our projects cover the full cost in 1-3 years. There are also finance packages available that allow you to pay for the changes as well as tax benefits on qualifying technologies.

6. Why should I select Carbonlights as my chosen supplier?

By selecting Carbonlights you will not only be buying equipment designed and manufactured to the highest standards by a British company, but you will receive a service second to none. From the initial free survey through to receiving our modelled design specified recommendations and quotation, you will receive personal attention at every stage. We are happy to work with your maintenance provider or supervise installation through one of our own appointed electrical contractors. The level of repeat business we get from some very large organisations is testament to the product and service we provide. See testimonials.

7. Can I get finance to help fund my lighting installation?

Carbonlights Solutions work with a number of finance companies that specialise in providing finance for energy saving projects. The repayment terms can often be arranged so that the monthly energy cost savings contributes significantly towards meeting the monthly finance costs. If this might be of interest, contact us for further information.

8. Do your products entitle me to Enhanced Capital Allowances  (ECA) against corporation tax?

Most certainly. For most industrial and commercial applications, Carbonlights products meet the qualifying criteria set out by the Inland Revenue and embodied within the Energy Technology List. We will be pleased to supply a certificate of compliance on request.

9.  Are LED's safe to use in the workplace?

The LED's we use in our product line have a photobiological classification of RG-2, this means that they do not pose a hazard due to aversion response to bright light or thermal discomfort at a distance greater than 460mm.

Carbonlights are approved by the Carbon trust Designed and built in Britain Carbonlights are members fo the Electrical Contractors' Association Carbonlights are members of the lighting assocation Carbonlights are ISO complient

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