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Ecotricity are now happy with their lighting

Ecotricity were looking for a solution to improve light levels and improve energy efficiency at Nexgen their wind turbine production factory.

The solution we worked on with Ecotricity allowed them to improve lighting levels and reduce energy consumption at the same time. Using our ultra-efficient CarbonlightsTM range, we were able to successfully replace existing fluorescent tube, and metal halide fittings.

Total project costs were £8,004 (excluding installation) for phase 1.

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Existing Fittings

Annual Cost

Running Costs


Maintenance Costs





Running Costs


Maintenance Costs (years 1-4)




Savings & Payback:

Energy Savings 80%

Maintenance Savings 100% (years 1-4)

Payback (years) 5.5

Ecotricity had similar lighting issues to a number of other UK manufacturers and needed:

- Enhanced lighting levels

- Improved light quality

- Significant energy savings

- Reduced maintenance

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