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Bakkavor Desserts had been looking at LED lighting solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. The solution Bakkavor Desserts have installed has allowed them to improve lighting levels and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

With no glass components or harmful chemicals, our sealed (IP65) food standard fittings were ideal. We were able to replace existing T8 fittings with a much more robust fitting, designed to meet the health & safety requirements of food production environments.

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Existing Costs
Running Costs


CarbonlightsTM Costs 
Running Costs £2,851


Savings & Payback:

Energy Savings                    80% 

Maintenance Savings     100%

Payback (years)                 1.7%

Bakkavor Desserts had similar lighting issues to a number of other UK food & drink manufacturers and needed:
Hygienic easy to clean fittings

High energy savings and low maintenance


“Having looked at a number of LED options Carbonlights solution provided not only the best energy and maintenance cost savings but also the best solution for our environment. With hygiene and cleanliness of vital importance they have a design which is flexible enough to meet all our needs and yet at the same time is most cost effective. We haven’t found anything like it”

Antony Hilliam-Cooke , Maintenance Manager, Bakkavor Desserts

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