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Energy efficent led lighting using the highest quality components from Cree industries.


- LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, a bright, energy-efficient lighting component with no moving or fragile parts. Once used primarily for red on/off electronic device lights, today’s LEDs have evolved into a first class illumination solution for industrial, commercial and residential uses.




Carbonlights manufactures a range of lights which offer significant advantages in terms of their usage, light quality, cost reduction, low environmental impact and the improved working environment that is generated.

- Up to 140,000 hrs LED life

- Excellent luminescence and colour

- Vibration resistant & robust design

- Enhanced image rendition from CCTV

- Direct replacement for existing fixtures

- Reduced wiring to new build projects

- No flicker

- No harmful pollutants

- Reduced carbon emissions

- 98% recyclable

- No disposal issues

- Up to 80% savings on electricity consumption

- Virtually maintenance free

- No infrared or ultraviolet

- Helps eliminate photosensitive epilepsy

- Easy to clean profile

- No glass components

Carbonlights are approved by the Carbon trust Designed and built in Britain Carbonlights are members fo the Electrical Contractors' Association Carbonlights are members of the lighting assocation Carbonlights are ISO complient

- Carbonlights™ focuses on bespoke industrial and commercial lighting solutions using the best LEDs fit for purpose.

- All our units use the latest LED technology from the American company Cree Inc, one of the worlds leading LED manufacturers. Carbonlights™ only use the best quality components to ensure reliability.

- As well as using the best components, our tailored solutions ensure that whatever requirements you may have from your business, Carbonlights is able to accommodate. This flexibility is another benefit of LED lighting technology.

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These Carbonlights units are the highest quality bespoke LED lighting solution available in the United Kingdom. A bakkavor site that we supplied with LED lighting has seen a dramatic increase in their lux levels.

Benefits of LED’s