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Our Services

We offer a complete managed service that will be tailored to the size and complexity of your requirement, to achieve the best value solution for you, with minimal disruption to your operation.

Site Survey

Carbonlights will undertake a complete site survey to establish existing lighting quality, energy consumption, luminaire and cabling compatibility and customer requirements.

Lighting Audit

The information gathered in the site survey is used to compile a detailed report, containing current lighting energy usage, lighting carbon footprint and maintenance costs.

LED Solution

We provide full details of the cost and benefits of an LED upgrade specific to your requirements. This includes a full lighting design drawing.


We believe there is nothing better then seeing what we offer. Samples of our LED products specified can be demonstrated or trialed.


Carbonlights can advise, assist and provide supporting documentation for a number of alternative funding options.


We ensure that LED upgrades comply with Building Regulations Part L and complete any required applications & notifications.


Carbonlighst can offer a complete turnkey package including installation, testing and commissioning. Using only experienced fully qualified electricians
providing a fast efficient service with minimal disruption to your operation.


HID lamps, CFL lamps and fluorescent tubes contain mercury and other toxins and are classified as Hazardous Waste.
Carbonlights in partnership with a not for profit WEEE registered organization offer a free recycling service for lamps and tubes we replace.

Post Installation Survey

Your high cost, high maintenance, high carbon lighting system has now been replaced with a low cost,
low maintenance, eco- friendly solution. As UK Manufacturers our warranty comes directly from us, and we’re always
happy to carry out a post installation survey to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

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