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Design and engineering are at our core and when you buy from Carbonlights, your lighting is being made especially for you at our factory in Gloucestershire. That’s very different from the usual approach of finding an existing lighting product that fits your requirements and we can do this because our system is modular and brings together a range of components to deliver a tailor made solution at prices that are extremely competitive.

Carbonlights Solutions Limited was formed in 2008 to deliver a lighting solution for industry and commerce that took performance far beyond the LED luminaires that were then available (which generally copied the shapes and designs of old technology lighting systems) and maximised the terrific potential of the light emitting diode. From a standard aluminium extrusion and a range of performance components, we can meet the demands of most industrial and commercial sectors.

With the recent news of our success at being awarded a 2 year contract for Mizkan, our work with Hain Daniels and Bakkavor the time has come to offer our customers a full range alongside our flagship Carbonlights range. We have joined forces with Zeta Specialist Lighting to bring you an extensive range including ceiling panels, internal and external fittings. Click here for more details


Unique modular system

An additional benefit of using Carbonlights products is their unique product design. The designs offer flexibility in order to provide bespoke lighting solutions to meet customers specification

Paul Bingham, Director HYBRiD Ltd (Bakkavor Installer)

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